Tech abled Project

Tech-Abled Project
The Chariots of Destiny Organization paid a visit to the HP offices in Nairobi to begin the first step in lauching the Tech-Abled project. This project was started to empower individuals living with spinal cord injuries i.e. paraplegics and quadriplegics through technologh. The Executive Director of COD Ms. Casey Marenge was accompanied by two beneficiaries of the tech abled project i.e. Ms. Eva Mueni and Mr. Naftali Nyambane both paraplegics, alongside COD staff members
The group met with staff members from the HP offices who made the donation of 10 laptops to COD to be used by selected beneficiaries to gain skills in various computer packages and graphic/web design so as to eventually create an avenue fro self empowerment. Members of the organization with quadriplegia will also be provided with voice-activated software to enable them to use the laptops independently. Stories of each of the beneficiaries will be posted on the COD website. The Chariots of Destiny Organization is entirely grateful to HP for this generous donation and look forward toa and even greater partnership.

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